Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Trump, Hillary, and the Lies That Bind

This is the season for politics in the US of A and I am enjoying the spluttering outrage of your fact-based contingent in the electorate once again. Of course Donald Trump can get away with saying Hillary started your Birther conspiracy theory – because she didn't. Me, I'm not the thinker in this family. To understand, and so's I don't have to bother, here's my ma's cousin Claire explaining it in 2012.

It makes sense that the news don't cover the "truth" neither. Who would watch? When Hillary claims Trump is a Birther, you yawn. Even if you love her and hate him – admit it – you yawn. Because elections is all about your tiresome, your put-upon by, and your overweight pretending that their misery is not at all their fault. To do that, they cannot let a smidgen of truth infect the pure, unadulterated mendacity. No, no. The minute truth gets a toe-hold, soon all sorts of reality-based responsibility creeps in and your creeps won't be able to keep the delusion going that they are the good guys. The problem with the rest of you is that you're not miserable enough to need a morally bankrupt liar to hide the ugly reality of your hopeless condition from you. Yet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Four Disagreements

I just read the Four Agreements. Mental Muzak. The human mind is designed to delude you about yourself but you'll be so busy feeling smug in your delusion that you'll whistle while civilization burns. Not that I don't  think civilization isn't a waste of millennia, but you prob'ly think it's awesome. Anyway, here's my antidote ghost-penned by my supposed authoress.