Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nice Is Overrated

We won so no more of your  libtard, snowflake, nanny state rules. 
Civilization was not built by nice people. The problem is civilization gets so comfy after it settles in that people can afford to be nice for no good reason. Soon they don't know how to fight anymore when somebody don't play fair (unless they grew up someplace like New Jersey where "nice" is a dirty word). This is why civilizations have also been destroyed by not nice people, and the nice people can't figure out how to save it. Or themselves.

Sadly, your low-lifes are the only ones left in the otherwise civilized world who really know what to do when a conniving mobster suddenly rises to being a serious contender for conquest. They of course get a bank account in Cypress and start offering to do the laundry, only with money instead of underwear, for the goons who are snacking on the gummy bear goodies that civilization produces.

Civilization should have an emergency cutoff for nice like hospitals do for oxygen. Mostly humans need it but too much makes you breathe so easy you figure you can have a cigarette with no consequences. Your lungs might be able to handle the smoke, but not the explosion and fireball caused by you thinking a tiny match is no danger. Ka-boom.

That is your first-world countries today. They are dodos heading for extinction because they don't want anybody to talk to them about the science of oxygen rich air. They have a right to a cigarette if they want. No nanny state! And so some idiot, or a whole buncha idiots on elections day light a match and taste the sweet nicotine high of self-indulgent righteousness. And when the fireball comes? They'll say it was somebody else's fault for not telling them.

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