Saturday, September 16, 2017

How Your Men Running the World Has Held Civilization Back for Too Long

Jersey gal Indrani Das, winner of 2017 Junior Nobel

Your mostly clueless Americans make fun of us gals from New Jersey but smarts is never dumb.  Plus we got the moxie to do whatever we decide to do no matter what the smartypants looking down the nose at us thinks. This is why I don't get all the crybabying about elites. They can have every low opinion of yours truly their multiple graduate degrees can cook up, I do not care about that no more than I care about the squirrel yammering at me from a tree because I got between him and his nuts.

Anyway if you are all proud of your civilization like it's the best thing since sliced bread, take one look at the garbage dump that has been made of the planet and you understand that civilization was created by teenage boys whose mothers always did the laundry washed the dishes made the beds and threw away the old pizza boxes for them. Think how much further along your civilization would be if girls had been educated right along side the boys for the last 3000 years instead of the last 50.

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